Digital Me

Own and Control your Digital Persona

Personalize your digital interactions yourselves using Digital Me

Digital Me is a Digital behaviour of you.

Helps make Context specific Interactions to exchange ONLY Relavant Information in real world and digital applications with User Controlled Authentication and Globally verifiable interaction records which cannot be tampered.

Context specific
Interactions in real and digital world
Role specific relavant Information
User Controlled Authentication
Unchangeable global verification

So, Moi ID is not an another identity but it's the Digital You.

Context Aware Interactions

With Moi ID, you can pass context specific digital information to extenal world without accessing or revealing irrelavant data using Roles.

Role is a digital avatar generated to fulfill the required digital interaction at that instant with

  • Secure authentication
  • Complete freedom
  • And Seamless experience

Digital Information

To make it easy to organize the digital information we categorized the data component Digital Me into different dimensions

Personal Dimension : Attributes relavant to digital identification of a person like name, email etc.

Health Dimension : Attributes related to person's medical history, procedures, outcomes etc.

Financial Dimension : Attributes relavant to person's businesses, financial statuses etc and also crypto trading.

Social Dimension : Attributes related to person's education, experience and interests etc.

Security Dimension : Security choices of user specific to Moi ID enabled applications that he/she opted or consent for.

User Defined Dimension : Any digital information that doesn't cover by above dimesions can be defined by user in their Digital Me

digital Me

Unchangeable global verification

The provenance of any interaction you participate in real or digital world has been recorded which cannot be tampered.

Why Moi ID

ID For Life

User will have the complete control over their digital information to personalize their interactions with external world with peace.

User Controlled Authentication

User need to just prove the fact that he/she possesses the knowledge of credentials without actually passing it for validation.

Context Aware Interaction

User can make a digital exchange of information without revealing any data that is irrelavant to that context.

Control Over Verifications.

User information and its verification is strongly binded with user authentication, so no more data breaches.

Simple Access to Decentralized World

User can access the decentralized application with simple username and passphrase.

Universal and unique

Drinking coffee and buying a house can have same user experience with personalized trust.

I0ME Mobile Application

An application that allows you to do create and manage your Digital Me and Digital Avatars to make context aware interactions.

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