No Password or Key Stored

There is nothing to steal if there is nothing stored.

Moi ID doesn’t store any password or any variant of password (like hashes and salts).

It uses non-interactive zero knowledge proof mechanism, “where user needs to demonstrate the fact they know password without conveying any information related to it” to authenticate the user.

Nothing leaves the client during authentication. (Including the proof).

ID for Life

Issue and manage your own identity

Using Moi ID, login to centralised apps or access crypto world(decentralised apps) with a simple username/password powered by zero knowledge interactions and elliptic-curve cryptography for total privacy and security.

Moi ID is BIP-44 compliant and segwit enabled HD wallet, allowing compatibility over different chains. Moi ID is also a decentralized identity which allow users to store and manage information themselves and cryptographically verify it through identity providers of their choice.

Trading crypto and accessing social media can be done with same account using simple username and password.

Privacy focused storage of your identity

Moi ID uses MoiBit to manage the user’s identity information. MoiBit is a privacy enabled decentralised storage platform which allows users complete privacy and control through the choice of storage location and personalised content encryption.

Secure and Context aware interactions

An identity enabled interaction wallet which can be used in both real-world interactions and digital applications.

For real-world interactions,  Moi ID enables the users to create context specific digital avatars(Roles) made up of identity information from their interaction wallet as required for that particular situation.

For digital applications, Moi ID enables the application developers to transparently inject specific identity rules/business needs into the application contract at the time of app registration, This enables users to be fully conscious of the data that’s being shared from their interaction wallet with the application. However, using their interaction wallet, the user can revoke access for any specific attribute(s) from the application anytime he/she wants.

Manage user and app preferences in decentralised manner

The business rules of the apps, privacy and security preferences of user are managed through smart contracts.

Moi ID

| enables the rules and preferences to be transparent and immutable.

| provides cryptographic proof for every user consent.

Moi ID Authentication, social and enterprise verification

As many of the applications today use active directories, IAM tools or OAuth to validate the user, Moi ID provides users the ability to cryptographically integrate their social/enterprise verification methods into their Digital Me and give consent of specific verification methods for an application.

Secret Recovery Phrase

Secret Recovery Phrase(SRP) is the key user component which allows MOI id to support device independent cryptographic access to applications and real world interactions.

Using SRP, Individuals can manage or reset their identity credentials without the need of any centralised provider.